News & Events October


Wow - This has tuly been an inspirational month!

I've had the opportunity to enjoy periods of research for forthcoming commissions and events.  It's so easy to roll straight from one commission/project to another but I am making a conscious effort to take time to reflect, absorb and recharge with new sources of inspiration to ensure my creative ideas remain fresh and inspired.


It was great to view original pieces of work by Picasso at an exhibition in Leicester...

No matter where I have viewed his work - whether it's been the Getty in LA or (as in this case) New Walk Museum in Leicester, I always feel incredibly emotional at seeing the work of one of my favourite artists in such close proximity to study it in in greater detail.


It was also a fun and unusual twist to take the opportunity to view a temporary exhibition which was on display at the same venue for Leicester City Football Club which included some surprise elements such as the fab custom made shoes shown below!

Proof once again that you can find inspiration in the most unexpected of places and for a range of events not always necessarily immediately associated with fashion!


Although I am not usually involved in the celebration of Halloween as an event, it was great to receive a volume of requests to support the creation of a range of costumes, accessories and make-up/face art for themed parties/events.  I was involved in the creation of some exceptional creative challenges & feel confidently inspired for some even more amazing creations this time next year.

It was particularly interesting to note how both males and females of a variety of ages were really keen to embrace costumes and theatrical make up this year and experiment with such creative aspects with an open mind.  Any form of creativity in this manner is a positive thing in my opinion!  As a designer, I relish having such creative challenges and it appears evident that Halloween inspired events will continue to get bigger each year in the UK.


Finally, it was equally inspirational to view the events in association with Diwali and truly inspirational to be able to join diverse members of the community and enjoy this celebration also.