June 2020

June 2020

Hey guys - Hope you're all keeping well?  How are you getting on with the social distancing guidelines currenty in place?


It feels like I've blinked and June has pretty much flown past!  So many pre-booked events had to be postponed or cancelled this month but thankfully I've been fortunate to acquire new commissions and exciting opportunities in the meantime.

#LookingInReachingOut - Commission

"Mind, Body & Soul"

Commissioned by Wychavon District Council

One of my faves this month has been #LookingInReachingut, commissioned by Wychavon District Council.  It was a creative response to Covid-19, as an artist still working in isolation and involved Art Therapy input from Creating Spaces.

Entitled "Mind, Body & Soul" it allowed me to explore my creativity and genuinely tune in to how I was feeling about the last few months, which was an eye-opening experience.  Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about everyone else and ensuring they're ok we can sometimes neglect our own emotions.  Absolutely loved working on this piece!  (+ Working outdoors and been able to enjoy the fab weather was a bonus!)

Hope you can take 10 minutes to kick back & enjoy the video and hopefully feel inspired to try some of the creative processes yourself...It can be viewed on our social media accounts and You Tube.

https://youtu.be/O8aTIwwM9rk  (Copy & paste)

Social media accounts have been updated with other bit'n'bobs also.

Until next month, continue to stay safe!