January 2021

January 2021

Another year begins...

Happy New Year to you if I haven't had the opportunity to speak with you personally or met with you virtually yet this year.

Despite the current lockdown, January has been an exceptionally surprising month which has already brought new and exciting opportunities along, even at this early stage of the year.

Lifestyle Brand/Launch

We are incredibly pleased to announce that the roll-out of our 'lifestyle brand' has been welcomed with open arms and with such a positive reponse it's blown us away!

We are so excited by the developments we will be pursuing this year and the enthusiasm dispalyed by our clients, supporters, suppliers, friends and family has made it even more incredible!


We decided to partake in the Kickstarter Challenge, a programme delivered by Sol Design Creative in a bid to support the roll out and development of our 'lifestyle brand'.  We felt it important to go back to basics in some regards to ensure we didn't miss any key factors in the official launch, but also to enable growth in new directions and it was great to network with other creatives from all over the UK as well.

Education Sector

We were invited by Hampshire Cultural Trust to be involved in the delivery of an ambitious pilot project which included devising and delivering a series of pre-recorded didgital workshops for students who usually attend Education Centres in Hampshire.  This was new territory for us (I'm sure you all know by now of my a) camera shy and b) technophobe qualities! 

However, as I had selected 'Warrior' as my 'word of the year', I accepted the opportunity, went for it & pleased to report that not only was embraced on receipt but also the workshop content is being rolled out to other centres in the area as well, following the requests from teachers.

The impact of Covid-19, isolation and associated factors has clearly impacted many young people, especially those already excluded from mainstream education.  If we can play even the smallest part in inspiring and motivating them to become more engaged once again and supporting teachers and staff to provide the resources and inspiration for students to have the opportunity to express themselves in a creative manner, then we are more than happy with that. 

Health & Fitness

In conjunction with the newly introduced formed Health & Fitnesss arm of Complex Simplicity, January was the perfect month to be involved in the #WorkOutToHelpOut programme, delivered by Simone Fitness Chef and included a month-long challenge with professional nutrition, fitness/exercise and beauty along the way.  We are feeling rejuvenated and ready fro whatever February brings our way!

Other news

As always, please follow our social media accounts to be kept updated on a frequent basis as we share developments as/when they occur throughout each month.


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Until next month, take care & continue to stay safe.