Complex Simplicity are pleased to announce the official launch of their homeware range.

Accessories including cushions, artwork, sculptural items and home furnishings are an

indication of the range of items that will feature in forthcoming collections.

In addition to the items currently available, commissions are also available on a Made-to-Order basis and allow specific design elements to be introduced, in accordance with your exact requirements.  This encourages the production of truly unique, personalised gifts and the opportunity for clients to provide as much or as little input as they desire.  The Head Designer will happliy either produce a design concept and see it through to completion or develop your ideas to full realisation with an end product of your choice.

Whichever design process is selected, the client can be confident that they will be the owner of

a genuine bespoke or limited edition item.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas/requirements further

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In addition to the Home Decor ranges currently available, we also offer a range

of interior design services in accordance with your proposed project, requirements & budget.

Whether you need interior design styling advice/inspiration, have just moved into commercial premises/venue that require a

specific theme or simply fancy a makeover at home and not sure where to start - we're here to help!

Our Head Designer can either source/manufacture bespoke accessories or provide a full design service (including styling, colourways, fabrics, textures etc) to achieve the desired look.  The design service offered can be flexible according to your needs, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements further.