Due to the range of specialist services/products offered by Complex Simplicity, we appreciate that potential clients

not yet familiar with our work/business module may have a number of questions that spring to mind. 

We have therefore attempted to briefly answer the most popular questions previously raised directly below. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any further queries.


Q.      Where can I purchase Complex Simplicity products?

Complex Simplicity design ranges are currently available via direct sales and also occasionally at carefully selected boutiques/outlets/events and fairs throughout the UK.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements further or to find your current local stockist/event.  We are planning to also open an online shop in the near future. 

Q.      How often do Complex Simplicity release designs/collections?

Collections and exclusive designs are released sporadically throughout the year.  Due to the fast turnaround of design ideas, it is not always possible to list them all on the website, so keep in touch and please follow our social media sites to be notified of collection launch dates and events in your area.

Q.      I am not a standard clothing size - can you assist?

Our Made-to-Measure service is a popular choice for many of our clients.  Our Head Designer is available to provide a professional, qualified design advice and produce custom made clothing based on your measurements, subject to your requirements.

Q.      I've seen a design I like on the Complex Simplicity website but would prefer some minor amendments - would that be                     possible?

Our Made-to-Order service encourages creativity and ensures you are the owner of a genuine exclusive/limited editon design.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your exact requirements further or if you require further inspiration/design advice.

Q.      I've seen a design I like elsewhere (by another designer/company) - would you be able to produce a copy?

The Head Designer will be happy to liaise with you to create a tailor made design.  We appreciate inspiration from other designers/companies is sometimes likely to occur.  However, due to ethical and legal reasons we will not undertake to produce direct copies of other designers' work.

Q.      We are a dance troupe/theatre company and require outfits/costumes for a forthcoming production - can you help?

We welcome enquiries from performing artists or other groups/companies that require our services.  We have designed/produced outfits & accessories for a diverse range of performers, so therefore familiar with the requirements re: fabric, durability, comfort etc for such events/performances.   Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Q.        I am a retailer/wholesaler interested in stocking Complex Simplicity designs at our outlet - can you supply?

We would be happy to discuss the possibility of providing collections/specific items for your outlet, dependent on location/requirements and other key factors.  Low minimum quantities apply for first orders if requested items are currently in stock/already in production.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements further.