Complex Simplicity has emerged onto the international 

scene with a dynamic range of designs.

Complex Simplicity specialise in the design, manufacture and retail

of exclusive/limited edition items.

Creative fashion & accessories, limited edition artwork and unique home decor/furnishings & artefacts are an indication of the exclusive items that are designed and produced by the in-house designer.

  Directional, edgy fashion collections with a unique twist offer a striking yet complimentary contrast to the vintage-infused, inspirational homeware & interior decor items produced. 

The bold and creative concept to incorporate distinctive design details in the Fashion/Accesories collections, whilst introducing travel and culturally inspired sources of inspiration in the Homeware ranges contribute to a diverse array of captivating designs.  These will undoubtedly entice a niche market and maintain a loyal client base that appreciate an exciting range of products that favourably differentiate from other items currently available on the market.

There remains a genuine dedication to also use materials/resources sourced within the UK and this is sympathetically interpreted in items that reflect a vintage inspired and professional, handmade quality.

In addition to Limited Edition ranges, Bespoke Commissions are created for private and corporate clients on a Made-to-Order basis, which allows specific colourways, design details and techniques to be selected, in accordance with customer requirements.

In summary, Complex Simplicity consistently produce innovative designs in a variety of exciting collections.

For further editorial info, photographs etc, please do not hesitate to contact us.